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FrankenYeast Yeast Blend | White Labs WLP096 | Vault Strain

FrankenYeast Yeast Blend | White Labs WLP096 | Vault Strain

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With a destiny to create the most horrifically harmonious combination of flavors, WLP096 FrankenYeast Blend roars to life after years of work and a spark of innovation. A mixed culture pulled from various White Labs yeast strains makes this blend the epitome of experimental glory. With big, bold aromas and flavors comes an ever-changing flavor utopia built upon delicious complexity.

This blend was inspired by our team of non-fictional scientists, embodying Victor Frankenstein and his fascination for the secrets of science, after we conducted research with biotechnology companies Illumina and Synthetic Genomics to sequence and assemble the full genome of 96 White Labs strains. Learning more about the genetic makeup of our strains and how they act and perform.

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