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Imperial Yeast

Global Yeast by Imperial Yeast - L13

Global Yeast by Imperial Yeast - L13

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Discover the precision of brewing with Global Yeast L13, a premium lager yeast strain from the acclaimed Imperial Yeast. Esteemed for its clean and neutral fermentation, Global Yeast L13 is the ideal choice for crafting a variety of lager styles. It ensures your beer retains the authentic flavors of its ingredients, delivering a professional-grade brew every time.

Key Features:

  • Neutral Fermentation: Produces minimal esters and off-flavors, allowing the true character of your malt and hops to shine.
  • Crisp Finish: Adds a subtle crispness to your beer, enhancing its refreshment and drinkability.
  • Flavor Accentuation: Ensures the natural flavors of your ingredients remain front and center in the final product.
  • Subtle Dryness: Balances malt sweetness with a gentle dryness for a well-rounded taste.


  • Clean Profile: Ideal for lagers and other styles where a clean yeast character is essential.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of lager styles, from pilsners to traditional lagers.
  • Consistent Performance: Reliable fermentation ensures consistent results in every batch.

How to Use:

1. Aerate: Ensure your wort is well-aerated before pitching the yeast.
2. Pitch: Add the yeast directly to your cooled wort at the recommended rate.
3. Ferment: Maintain a consistent temperature within the yeast's optimal range for the best results.
4. Lager: Consider a lagering period post-fermentation for enhanced clarity and flavor.

About Imperial Yeast:

Imperial Yeast is a leader in the brewing industry, providing high-quality yeast strains to passionate brewers. With a commitment to purity and performance, Imperial Yeast helps you create exceptional beers that stand out in flavor and quality.

Global Yeast L13 by Imperial Yeast is the perfect choice for brewers seeking a clean, neutral yeast that lets the true flavors of their ingredients take center stage. Its reliable performance and versatility make it a staple for crafting exceptional lagers and other clean-fermenting beers.

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: L13

Yeast Strain: Lager

Attenuation: 73% - 77%

Flocculation: Low - Medium

Temperature Range: 45° - 56°

Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

STA1: Negative

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