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Von Degenberg Hefe Blend | White Labs WLP4651 Yeast

Von Degenberg Hefe Blend | White Labs WLP4651 Yeast

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Discover the authentic flavors of Bavarian wheat beers with White Labs Von Degenberg Hefe Blend, WLP4651. This specialized yeast blend is expertly designed to produce the characteristic fruity esters and spicy phenols of traditional Hefeweizen, delivering a beer with deep, complex flavors and a soft, pillowy mouthfeel. Enjoy the quintessential notes of banana and clove that are signature to this style, creating a delightful sensory experience in each sip.

WLP4651 not only imparts rich flavors but also ensures a vigorous fermentation process, making it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional brewers aiming to replicate the iconic wheat beers of Germany. It's particularly well-suited for recipes requiring a delicate balance of yeast-driven flavors and aromas, enhancing the beer's profile without overpowering the subtle wheat nuances. Whether you're crafting a straightforward Hefeweizen or experimenting with variations like Dunkelweizen or Weizenbock, the Von Degenberg Hefe Blend offers the consistency and quality needed to achieve exceptional results. Elevate your brewing artistry with WLP4651, and bring a piece of Bavarian brewing tradition to your own creations.

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