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TILT® Pro Mini Wireless Hydrometer - Green

TILT® Pro Mini Wireless Hydrometer - Green

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Introducing the Tilt Pro Mini – a revolutionary wireless hydrometer designed for the discerning modern home brewer. Experience an extended wireless communication range, reaching the highest output approved by the FCC. Tailored for heavy stainless steel walled fermenters, prevalent in today's brewing setups, the Tilt Pro Mini outperforms its predecessors.

Crafted to perfection, this hydrometer seamlessly integrates with all existing software apps and hardware. Whether you prefer glass, plastic, or the robust stainless steel vessels, the Tilt Pro Mini adapts effortlessly. Plus, it's compatible with other Tilt devices of the same color, allowing you to monitor multiple brews simultaneously.

Elevate your brewing experience with the Tilt Pro Mini – precision, innovation, and compatibility at its finest.

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