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Simpsons Low Colour (Color) Maris Otter Malt

Simpsons Low Colour (Color) Maris Otter Malt

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Discover the subtle nuances and premium quality of Simpsons Low Colour Maris Otter Malt. Renowned for its superior performance and exceptional flavor, this malt is crafted to provide a delicate, lighter color while maintaining the distinctive characteristics of Maris Otter barley. Perfect for brewing a wide range of beer styles, it offers unmatched consistency and a refined malt profile.

Key Features:
Delicate Color: Achieve a lighter, golden hue in your brews with this low-color variant, ideal for pale ales and lagers.
Distinctive Maris Otter Character: Enjoy the full, rich flavor and excellent brewing performance that Maris Otter is known for, with a subtle malt sweetness and a clean finish.
Premium Quality: Crafted by Simpsons Malt, a trusted name in malt production, ensuring top-quality grains and consistency in every batch.

Recommended Beer Styles:

  • Pale Ales: Perfect for creating crisp, refreshing pale ales with a delicate malt backbone and a bright, golden color.
  • Blonde Ales: Adds a subtle malt sweetness and a light, clear color to your blonde ales, enhancing drinkability.
  • Lagers: Provides a clean and subtle malt profile, making it an excellent base for light lagers and pilsners.
  • Kolsch: Ideal for brewing this hybrid style, offering a smooth, clean malt character and a light, golden hue.
  • Golden Ales: Contributes to a balanced malt profile with a beautiful, light color, perfect for crafting standout golden ales.

Why Choose Simpsons Low Colour Maris Otter Malt?

  • Exceptional Brewing Performance: Trust in the quality and consistency of Simpsons Malt, ensuring reliable results and superior flavor in every brew.
  • Versatility in Brewing: Suitable for a variety of beer styles, this malt enhances your brewing flexibility and creativity.
  • Authentic Maris Otter Flavor: Maintain the rich, full flavor of Maris Otter barley while achieving a lighter color, perfect for a range of pale and light beer styles.

Elevate your brewing with Simpsons Low Colour Maris Otter Malt, the ideal choice for brewers seeking a delicate color and exceptional malt flavor. Create standout beers with a clean, crisp malt profile that delights the palate and enhances the overall drinking experience.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Base Malt

Flavor/Aroma: Light Malty, Fresh

Maximum Volume: Up to 100%

Lovibond: 1.3 - 2.1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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