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Kombucha Kit Refill | Kit of 5 Kombucha Batches | Pop Culture

Kombucha Kit Refill | Kit of 5 Kombucha Batches | Pop Culture

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Keep your Kombucha brewing journey going strong with the Pop Cultures Kombucha Refills Kit, exclusively available at SoCal Brewing Supply. This convenient kit provides all the essentials to brew five additional batches of your favorite probiotic-rich beverage.

Kit Includes:

Black Tea: Carefully selected for its robust flavor and fermentation-friendly properties, our black tea is the perfect base for your Kombucha.
Cane Sugar: Pure cane sugar to feed your SCOBY and ensure a successful fermentation process.

Brew More, Enjoy More:
With enough supplies to craft five more batches, you can continue to experiment with flavors, refine your brewing technique, and enjoy the endless benefits of homemade Kombucha.

Easy to Use:
Simply follow your original Pop Cultures Kombucha Starter Kit instructions, using the contents of this refills kit to keep the brews flowing.

Sustainability in Mind:
Our refills kit is designed to minimize waste and maximize your brewing experience, ensuring you can keep producing delicious Kombucha without the need for additional equipment.

Extend Your Brewing Adventure:
Whether you're a seasoned brewer or just starting out, the Pop Cultures Kombucha Refills Kit is the perfect way to maintain your Kombucha supply and continue exploring the art of fermentation.


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