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Warrior Hop Pellets - 1 oz.

Warrior Hop Pellets - 1 oz.

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Declare war on bland beers and enlist the powerful Warrior Hops to lead the charge. As the bold commanders of bitterness, Warrior Hops bring a robust and clean bitterness to the forefront of your brew, ensuring that your beer not only stands its ground but conquers the palate with every sip. Get ready to brew with strength and precision – the Warrior way!

Key Features:
  • Alpha Acid Dominance: Warrior Hops are renowned for their high alpha acid content, making them the go-to hop variety for bittering. Harness their commanding alpha acids to achieve the perfect level of bitterness in your beer, providing a strong foundation for hop-forward styles.
  • Clean and Neutral: Unlike some hop varieties, Warrior Hops bring a clean and neutral bitterness to your brew. Their profile is crisp and straightforward, allowing the other flavors in your beer to shine without interference. It's the disciplined bitterness your brew deserves.
  • Versatile Bittering Agent: Whether you're brewing a bold IPA, a classic pale ale, or experimenting with various beer styles, Warrior Hops are your versatile allies in the quest for bitterness. They adapt to your recipe, ensuring a consistent and commanding bitterness in every batch.
  • Resinous and Herbal Aroma: Beyond their bitterness, Warrior Hops contribute a subtle aroma of resinous pine and herbal notes. While not the star of the aromatic show, these background nuances add a layer of complexity that complements the overall hop profile.
  • Late Addition Brilliance: While primarily known for their bittering prowess, Warrior Hops can also be employed as a late addition for a burst of hop flavor. Experiment with late boil or whirlpool additions to discover the subtle flavors they bring to the finish line.
  • High Efficiency: Warrior Hops are efficient soldiers in the brewhouse, requiring less quantity to achieve desired bitterness levels. Their potency ensures that you get the most bang for your brewing buck, allowing you to brew bold, hoppy beers without overwhelming your kettle.
  • Battle-Tested Brewing: With a name like Warrior, these hops are ready for brewing battle. Add them to your arsenal, and let them lead your beer to victory with a bitterness that commands attention and respect.

Declare victory over blandness and embrace the bold bitterness of Warrior Hops – where strength meets versatility. Brew with the confidence of a hop commander and conquer the taste buds of beer enthusiasts. Order your Warrior Hops today and brew on the frontline of hop excellence!


Alpha Acidity: 17.7
Intended Purpose: Bittering
Flavor/Aroma: Resinous, Citrus, Pine, and Herbal

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