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Wai-iti Hop Pellets (NZ) - 1 oz.

Wai-iti Hop Pellets (NZ) - 1 oz.

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Transport your brew to the scenic landscapes of New Zealand with Wai-iti Hops – the epitome of elegance and subtlety in the hop world. Named after the Maori word for "water on small leaves," Wai-iti Hops bring a refreshing and delicate aroma to your beer, creating a sensory experience that mirrors the pristine beauty of Aotearoa. Get ready to infuse your brew with the gentle essence of Wai-iti.

Key Features:
  • Aotearoa's Finest: Sourced from the hop fields of New Zealand, Wai-iti Hops encapsulate the essence of Aotearoa's natural beauty. The terroir imparts a unique character, infusing your beer with the elegance and subtlety that define New Zealand hop varieties.
  • Delicate Citrus Zest: Wai-iti Hops bring a delicate dance of citrus to your beer, reminiscent of lime and mandarin zest. The aromatic profile is subtle yet complex, offering a refreshing twist that brightens the overall flavor without overpowering the palate.
  • Mild Alpha Acids: While not a powerhouse in bitterness, Wai-iti Hops contribute a mild bitterness that complements their aromatic finesse. It's the perfect balance for styles where hop flavor takes center stage, such as pale ales, IPAs, and light lagers.
  • Soft Floral Notes: In addition to citrus, Wai-iti Hops introduce soft floral notes to the aroma profile. Picture a bouquet of blossoms gently carried by a breeze – that's the elegant touch these hops bring to your brew, making it a sensory delight.
  • Versatile Flavor Companion: Wai-iti Hops are versatile companions for brewers exploring a spectrum of beer styles. Whether you're crafting a summer session ale, a crisp pilsner, or a fruit-infused concoction, these hops add a touch of New Zealand sophistication to your recipe.
  • Late Addition Sensation: To maximize the impact of Wai-iti's delicate aroma, consider using them as a late addition or in dry hopping. This allows the subtle citrus and floral notes to shine, giving your beer a fragrant finish that lingers on the senses.
  • Elevate Your Brew: Brew with Wai-iti Hops, and you're not just making beer – you're crafting an experience. Elevate your brew to a level of elegance that mirrors the natural wonders of New Zealand. It's a journey for the palate that begins with a sip.

Immerse your beer in the elegance of Aotearoa with Wai-iti Hops – where subtlety meets sophistication. Order your Wai-iti Hops today and embark on a brewing adventure that captures the essence of New Zealand in every pour!


Alpha Acidity: 2.1
Intended Purpose: Aroma
Flavor/Aroma: Berry, Citrus, and Peach

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