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Target Hops Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

Target Hops Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

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Experience the robust character and aromatic brilliance of British brewing with Target Hops – the hops that embody the boldness of traditional English ales. Grown in the hop fields of the United Kingdom, Target Hops bring a distinctive aroma and flavor profile, creating a brew that pays homage to the time-honored craftsmanship of British brewing. Elevate your beer with the assertive charm of Target Hops!

Aroma and Flavor Characteristics:
  • Pungent Spice Punch: Brace yourself for a pungent spice punch as Target Hops take the lead. Picture a burst of peppery, herbal, and slightly floral notes that announce their presence with bold British assertiveness. It's a spicy symphony that sets the stage for a robust brewing experience.
  • Earthy Undertones: Amidst the spice, Target Hops introduce earthy undertones that add depth to the flavor profile. Imagine a stroll through the British countryside, with hints of woodsy pine and a touch of mild sweetness, creating a well-rounded and inviting aroma.
  • Citrus Zest Brilliance: Target Hops bring a surprising twist with a hint of citrus zest brilliance. Picture the bright notes of orange and grapefruit, weaving into the spice and earthiness, creating a flavor experience that is both complex and refreshing.
  • Balanced Alpha Acids: With a balanced alpha acid content, Target Hops deliver a measured bitterness that complements the malt backbone. The bitterness is assertive yet refined, ensuring a well-rounded beer that reflects the bold character of traditional British ales.
  • Versatile British Brewing: Target Hops are versatile companions for brewers exploring a spectrum of British beer styles. Whether you're crafting bitters, porters, or experimenting with your own recipe, these hops adapt to your creative vision, adding a touch of British boldness to every sip.
  • British Brewing Legacy: Brew with Target Hops, and you're tapping into the brewing legacy of the United Kingdom. These hops carry the spirit of British brewing craftsmanship, ensuring that your beer stands as a testament to the bold and aromatic tradition that defines British ales.
  • Assertive Charm: Elevate your beer to a realm of assertive charm with Target Hops – where spice punches, earthiness intrigues, and citrus brilliance adds a surprising twist. Order your Target Hops today and infuse your brew with the bold character of traditional British brewing!


Alpha Acidity: 9.6
Intended Purpose: Dual Purpose
Flavor/Aroma: Sage, Floral, Spicy, and Citrus

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