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Sultana Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

Sultana Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

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Embark on a brewing journey with Sultana Hops – the regal hops that bring a majestic blend of pineapple sweetness, citrus brightness, and the essence of a pine forest to your beer. Grown with pride in the Pacific Northwest, Sultana Hops deliver a royal aroma and flavor profile that adds a touch of sophistication to your brew. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Sultana and let your beer reign supreme!

Aroma and Flavor Characteristics:
  • Pineapple Splendor: Sultana Hops take the lead with a burst of pineapple splendor. Picture the juicy and tropical notes that evoke the sweetness of ripe pineapple, creating an inviting aroma that sets the stage for a regal brewing experience.
  • Citrus Brightness: Beyond the pineapple, Sultana Hops unveil a citrus brightness that adds a refreshing twist. Imagine the zesty notes of orange and grapefruit, dancing alongside the pineapple, creating a layered and complex flavor profile that invigorates the palate.
  • Pine Forest Majesty: Sultana doesn't stop at tropical and citrusy; it introduces the majesty of a pine forest to the mix. The hops contribute crisp and resinous notes that evoke a walk through a Pacific Northwest pine grove, adding depth and complexity to your beer.
  • Balanced Alpha Acids: With a balanced alpha acid content, Sultana Hops provide a measured bitterness that complements the intense pineapple, citrus, and pine notes. The bitterness is assertive yet refined, ensuring a well-rounded beer that captures the royal character of Sultana.
  • Versatile Brewing Royalty: Sultana Hops are versatile companions for brewers seeking to infuse their beer with a blend of regal flavors. Whether you're crafting tropical IPAs, fruity pale ales, or experimental brews, these hops adapt to your creative vision, adding a touch of sophistication and majesty to every sip.
  • Pacific Northwest Grandeur: Brew with Sultana Hops, and you're capturing the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest in every drop. These hops bring the essence of the region's diverse terroir, creating a beer that reflects the vibrant and regal spirit of West Coast brewing.
  • Regal Sophistication: Elevate your beer to a realm of regal sophistication with Sultana Hops – where pineapple splendor reigns, citrus brightness dazzles, and pine forest majesty adds a touch of grandeur. Order your Sultana Hops today and infuse your brew with the regal character of this Pacific Northwest royalty!


Alpha Acidity: 13.7
Intended Purpose: Dual Purpose
Flavor/Aroma: Pineapple, Pine, and Citrus

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