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Pekko® Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

Pekko® Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

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Embark on a brewing journey with Pekko Hops, a symbol of Finnish elegance celebrated for its crisp citrus profile, unique flavor complexity, and unparalleled brewing versatility. Hailing from the pristine landscapes of Finland, Pekko stands as a beacon of hop innovation, offering brewers a canvas for creative expression. Immerse yourself in the citrusy aroma, savor the clean flavors, and discover the best beer styles to showcase the refined character of Pekko Hops.

Aroma Profile:
• Crisp Citrus Bouquet: Pekko captivates with a crisp citrus bouquet that mirrors the purity of Nordic air. Picture the enchanting scent of bright lemon, hints of lime, and a touch of herbal freshness, creating an olfactory experience reminiscent of a Finnish citrus grove in full bloom.
• Subtle Mint and Pine Undertones: Complementing the citrus profile, Pekko introduces subtle mint and pine undertones to the aroma. Imagine hints of cool mint and a touch of piney resin, adding layers of complexity to the overall aromatic expression.

Flavor Profile:
• Clean and Crisp Citrus: Experience a clean and crisp citrus flavor on the palate. Pekko Hops infuse your brew with bright lemon and lime notes, creating a refreshing beer that is both classic and distinctive.
• Mild Herbal Complexity: Delight in the mild herbal complexity that dances on the taste buds. Pekko contributes subtle herbal undertones, enhancing the overall drinking experience and adding a touch of Nordic elegance.

Best Beer Styles:
• Pale Ales and IPAs: Pekko is a natural fit for pale ales and IPAs, where its crisp citrus profile and herbal complexity can complement a variety of malt and hop profiles. Brew hop-forward ales that capture the clean and refreshing essence of Pekko.
• Wheat Beers: Elevate the flavor profile of wheat beers with Pekko. Its citrusy and herbal notes can harmonize with the light malt character of wheat beers, creating a refreshing and nuanced brew that embodies Finnish elegance.
• Belgian-Style Ales: Embrace Pekko in Belgian-style ales, where its subtle mint undertones can enhance the complexity of the beer. Brew saisons, witbiers, or Belgian pale ales that incorporate the unique and versatile qualities of Pekko.
• Experimental Brews: Explore Pekko in experimental brews, where its unique flavor profile can contribute to innovative and boundary-pushing creations. Whether combining with other hop varieties or exploring hybrid styles, Pekko invites brewers to push the boundaries of brewing creativity.

Brewing with Pekko Hops:
• Late-Stage Additions: To maximize the crisp citrus aroma and flavor, consider late-stage additions such as whirlpool or dry hopping when using Pekko. These methods allow the vibrant aromas of Pekko to shine through in the finished beer.
• Single-Hop Showcases: Celebrate the elegance of Pekko by creating single-hop showcases. This approach allows brewers to fully appreciate the crisp citrus and herbal complexity of this Finnish hop, creating a beer that is a true celebration of Pekko.
• Blending Possibilities: Experiment with blending Pekko with other hop varieties to create unique and versatile hop profiles. Its clean and crisp citrus character makes it an excellent candidate for hop blends that suit a wide range of beer styles.

Elevate your brewing with the refined elegance, crisp citrus, and versatility of Pekko Hops. Whether crafting hop-forward ales, wheat beers, or exploring innovative blends, Pekko invites brewers to infuse their creations with the distinctive spirit of this Finnish hop. Order your Pekko Hops today and transform your brews into a Nordic masterpiece of brewing excellence!


Alpha Acidity: 13.2
Intended Purpose: Bittering
Flavor/Aroma: Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Mint, Cucumber, and Sage

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