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Nugget Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

Nugget Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

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Embark on a brewing journey with Nugget Hops, an American classic celebrated for its resilience, herbal aromas, and versatile brewing applications. Born in the Pacific Northwest, Nugget stands as a testament to American hop innovation, offering a robust profile that complements a wide array of beer styles. Immerse yourself in the herbal aroma, savor the balanced flavors, and discover the best beer styles to showcase the enduring character of Nugget Hops.

Aroma Profile:
• Robust Herbal Bouquet: Nugget captivates with a robust herbal bouquet that embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Picture the enchanting scent of fresh herbs, subtle spice, and a touch of evergreen, creating an olfactory experience reminiscent of the rugged landscapes that inspire American brewing.
• Mild Floral and Spicy Undertones: Complementing the herbal profile, Nugget introduces mild floral and spicy undertones to the aroma. Imagine hints of floral complexity and a subtle spice that adds layers of character to the overall aromatic expression.

Flavor Profile:
• Balanced Bitterness: Experience a balanced bitterness on the palate. Nugget Hops infuse your brew with a moderate to high level of bitterness, ensuring a smooth and well-rounded flavor profile that can enhance a variety of beer styles.
• Clean and Resilient Flavor: Delight in the clean and resilient flavor that defines Nugget. Whether used for bittering, flavor, or aroma, Nugget maintains its robust herbal character, making it a reliable choice for a diverse range of brewing applications.

Best Beer Styles:
• American Pale Ales (APAs) and IPAs: Nugget is a natural fit for APAs and IPAs, where its herbal bouquet and balanced bitterness can shine. Craft hop-forward ales that showcase the resilience and versatility of Nugget, creating beers that are both refreshing and bold.
• Amber Ales: Elevate the flavor profile of amber ales with Nugget. Its balanced bitterness and mild floral undertones make it an excellent choice for creating amber ales with a touch of American hop character.
• Stouts and Porters: Embrace Nugget in stouts and porters, where its herbal complexity can complement the rich and roasty malt profile. Brew robust dark ales that incorporate the unique and resilient qualities of Nugget.
• Classic Bittering Agent: Utilize Nugget as a classic bittering agent in a variety of beer styles. Its high alpha acid content ensures efficient extraction of bitterness, making it suitable for both traditional and innovative brewing applications.

Brewing with Nugget Hops:
• Early to Mid-Boil Additions: To maximize the herbal aromas and balanced bitterness, consider early to mid-boil additions when using Nugget. This allows the hop character to meld seamlessly with the malt profile, creating a well-integrated and flavorful beer.
• Single-Hop Showcases: Explore the full potential of Nugget by creating single-hop showcases. This approach allows brewers to fully appreciate the herbal complexity and balanced bitterness of this American hop, creating a beer that is a true celeb
• Blending Possibilities: Experiment with blending Nugget with other hop varieties to create unique and versatile hop profiles. Its herbal and clean character makes it an excellent candidate for hop blends that suit a wide range of beer styles.

Embrace the resilience and versatility of American brewing with Nugget Hops. Whether crafting hop-forward ales, robust stouts, or exploring innovative blends, Nugget invites brewers to infuse their creations with the enduring character of this classic American hop. Order your Nugget Hops today and transform your brews into a celebration of American hop innovation!


Alpha Acidity: 13.2
Intended Purpose: Dual Purpose
Flavor/Aroma: Herbal and Spicy

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