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Freedom Blend Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

Freedom Blend Hops Pellets - 1 oz.

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Embark on a brewing journey with Freedom Blend Hops, a harmonious medley celebrated for its liberty of flavor, floral complexity, and the ability to transform your craft beers into a symphony of brewing democracy. Crafted from a blend of diverse hop varieties, Freedom Blend captures the essence of freedom and choice. Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma, savor the diverse flavors, and discover the best beer styles to showcase the brewing unity of Freedom Blend Hops.

Aroma Profile:
• Liberty of Flavor: Freedom Blend captivates with a liberty of flavor that unfolds with boundless possibilities. Picture a hop bouquet brimming with floral, citrusy, and fruity notes, creating an olfactory experience reminiscent of an expansive hop field in full bloom.
• Floral Harmony: Complementing the liberty of flavor, Freedom Blend introduces floral harmony to the aroma profile. Imagine a symphony of delicate floral notes, adding depth and complexity to the overall aromatic expression.

Flavor Profile:
• Diverse Flavor Medley: Experience a diverse flavor medley on the palate. Freedom Blend Hops infuse your brew with an unmistakable sense of variety, creating a beer that is both dynamic and universally appealing.
• Citrusy Zest: Delight in the citrusy zest that dances on the taste buds. The interplay of floral and citrus notes adds layers of complexity, providing a satisfying and refreshing drinking experience.
• Balanced Bitterness: Freedom Blend provides a balanced level of bitterness, ensuring that the diverse flavors take center stage without overwhelming the palate. The moderate alpha acid content allows for versatility in brewing a wide array of beer styles.

Best Beer Styles:
• American Pale Ales (APAs): Freedom Blend is a natural fit for brewing American Pale Ales, where its liberty of flavor can shine. Craft a well-balanced APA that showcases the diverse hop profile and allows the malt character to complement the hop medley.
• Session IPAs: Elevate the hop character of Session IPAs with Freedom Blend, adding an extra layer of complexity to the lower-alcohol style. Brew a sessionable IPA that boasts a harmonious interplay of floral, citrusy, and fruity notes.
• Blending Possibilities: Experiment with blending Freedom Blend with other hop varieties to create unique flavor profiles. Its diverse nature makes it an excellent candidate for hop combinations that enhance the overall brewing experience.
• Temperature Control: Manage fermentation temperatures to preserve the delicate aromas and flavors of Freedom Blend. A controlled approach ensures that the liberty of flavor and floral harmony of this hop blend is showcased in the final brew.

Elevate your brewing experience with the liberty of flavor, floral harmony, and brewing democracy of Freedom Blend Hops. Whether crafting hop-forward ales, sessionable brews, or experimenting with innovative styles, Freedom Blend invites brewers to infuse their creations with a touch of brewing freedom. Order your Freedom Blend Hops today and transform your brews into a symphony of diverse possibilities!


Alpha Acidity: 10.4
Intended Purpose: Dual Purpose
Flavor/Aroma: Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Spicy, and Earthy

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