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Fermentis SafLager™ W-34/70 German Dry Lager Yeast

Fermentis SafLager™ W-34/70 German Dry Lager Yeast

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Brewer’s yeast providing fruity and phenolic character, varying with the fermentation conditions. Produces well-attenuated beers and it is ideal for wheat base beers, such as Belgian and German Styles (Ex. Wit Beers and Weizen Beers).

Produces typical phenolic notes of wheat beers. Allows to brew beer with a high drinkability profile and presents a very good ability to suspend during fermentation.

Yeast details

Mfr. PN: W-37/70

Yeast Strain: Lager

Attenuation: 80% - 84%


Temperature Range: 53.6° - 64.4°

Alcohol Tolerance: 9% - 11%


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