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English Cider | White Labs WLP775 Yeast

English Cider | White Labs WLP775 Yeast

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Elevate your cider-making craft with White Labs English Cider Yeast, WLP775, a premier yeast strain revered for producing authentic, traditional English-style ciders. This robust yeast specializes in fermenting to a dry finish while maintaining a round, smooth mouthfeel that accentuates the natural flavors of your apples. WLP775 is adept at bringing forward a clean, fruity profile, enhancing the apples’ inherent sweetness and providing a crisp, refreshing finish.

Ideal for both amateur cider enthusiasts and professional cider makers, WLP775 offers consistent and reliable fermentation, ensuring your cider achieves optimal clarity and quality. Its versatility shines whether you’re aiming for a sharp, tart cider or a sweeter, more robust drink. With this yeast, you can create ciders that not only taste professionally crafted but also embody the full-bodied character and subtle complexities that define top-tier English cider. Explore the possibilities with WLP775 and transform your apple harvest into an exceptional beverage that captures the essence of traditional English cider-making.

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