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Immersion Wort Chiller | 25’ Long 3/8” Copper Tubing Chiller

Immersion Wort Chiller | 25’ Long 3/8” Copper Tubing Chiller

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Enhance your brewing efficiency with our Efficient Copper Immersion Wort Chiller, tailored for rapid cooling with a strategic design. This model features 25 feet of 3/8” copper tubing, precisely engineered to optimize cooling by positioning most of the coils higher up in the brewing kettle. Understanding that heat rises, our design targets the inherently hotter top portion of the kettle, ensuring a quicker and more even temperature reduction.

The compact 25’ length allows for a lighter, more manageable setup while still delivering exceptional performance. This chiller includes a hose bib fitting for easy attachment to your cool water source and comes with 8 feet of tubing for both the cool water intake and hot wastewater output, simplifying the installation and operation process.

Ideal for homebrewers looking to save time without sacrificing quality, this chiller offers a practical solution by placing cooling power exactly where it's needed most. By improving cooling efficiency and speed, this immersion wort chiller helps you achieve clearer, better-tasting beer, and allows you to move from boil to fermenter faster than ever. Elevate your home brewing setup with a tool designed for efficiency and superior cooling performance.

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