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Carboy Cleaning Brush | Clean Bottle Express

Carboy Cleaning Brush | Clean Bottle Express

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Discover the ease of carboy cleaning with the Express Carboy Cleaning Brush, an essential tool for every homebrewer. This innovative cleaning wand transforms your standard drill into a powerful cleaning device. The unique cloth cleaning tips extend outward as the drill spins, reaching every corner of your carboy to remove stubborn debris and residue effectively. Designed for durability, the Clean Bottle Express is safe for both glass and plastic carboys, ensuring a scratch-free clean every time. Its high-quality, resilient materials stand up to frequent use, making it a reliable addition to your brewing equipment. Simply rinse the brush under water after use, and it’s ready for another round. Streamline your brewing process with the Clean Bottle Express and spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your craft.

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