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BrewBuilt® | The Low Rider Digital Electric BrewSculpture™ V4 | 10 Gallon

BrewBuilt® | The Low Rider Digital Electric BrewSculpture™ V4 | 10 Gallon

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  • Single tier brew system. Look into and interact with every kettle without the need for a step stool or ladder
  • Digital Touchscreen Controller comes standard. Control every aspect of your brew day from a single screen
  • Automatic HERMS mashing. Set up to five mash steps in the digital controller and temperatures will be raised and be maintained automatically
  • SlingBlade Electric Elements. Unique, crescent-shaped elements promote vigorous boil without scorching
  • The Ultimate Sparge Arm. Eliminate hot side aeration with this fully adjustable sparge arm
  • Built to order in the USA. Every system features a custom-welded stainless steel frame manufactured in the BrewBuilt metal shop

Brew like a pro with the BrewBuilt Low Rider BrewSculpture. Our brewing systems were first introduced in the 1990’s and now have over two decades worth of R&D and customer feedback built into their design. There’s a reason why top-level breweries like Sierra Nevada and Russian River use a BrewBuilt BrewSculpture for training, ingredient testing and pilot batches. 

Touchscreen Control Panel
From heating strike water to whirlpooling hop additions, you’ll orchestrate your entire brew day from our custom designed 7” touchscreen control panel. Unlike other systems, all of the heating elements and pumps can be controlled from a single touchscreen controller. Program your mash steps and the controller will do the rest—cycling heating elements and kicking on pumps to recirculate wort as needed. It also offers programmable delayed start so you can heat your strike water in advance, boil addition timers to remind you when to add hops or clarifiers, as well as manual control of your pumps and linear power control of the electric elements.

Control Panel Key Features:

  • Delayed Start Timer - program your BrewSculpture to have water heated by the time you're ready to start brewing.
  • Programmable HERMS Mash Steps - choose from 3 preset mash schedules or custom design your own with up to 5 steps. From there the control panel guides your mash through the temp raises and time rests automatically.
  • Always Hot - controller maintains the Hot-Liquor tank temperature you choose by turning the element off and on automatically.
  • Auto Sparging - sparge water flow is controlled automatically with integrated Mash Tun float switch.
  • Adjustable Boil Vigor - opt for a slow simmer, a rolling boil, or anywhere in between.
  • Timer Alarms - built in boil timers remind you when to add hops, finings, or anything else.
  • Manual Mode - allows you to control pumps for anything you want such as cleaning.
  • Control Panel Mode - allows PID control of the Kettles for alternate uses like Sous Vide, long hop stands, etc.

Automatic HERMS Mashing
Mash temps are maintained via the HERMS coil made from convoluted copper tubing. This top-of-the-line coil design offers unparalleled efficiency while gently heating your wort. Choose from your saved mash schedules or program one on the fly. When the mash begins, the controller will automatically maintain the temperature of the hot liquor bath that the HERMS coil rests in. When the wort temp drops below your set point, the controller will turn on the pump to circulate wort through the coil. You can also set the pump to continuously circulate wort for the whole mash if you prefer, and the HLT will continue to maintain your mash temp automatically. When each mash step is complete, the controller will power up the element to raise the temperature of the HLT and begin the next step. The HERMS coil can also double as your wort chiller when the boil is over and quickly cools wort thanks to the twisted pattern of the copper tubing.

SlingBlade Electric Elements
Our Electric BrewSculpture offers a unique heating element that you won’t find anywhere else. The SlingBlade's unique crescent-shaped design positions all of the heating power on one side of the kettle, sending thermal energy upward to the surface that then cascades downward on the opposite side of the kettle. This movement creates a dynamic turbulence that evenly distributes heat while creating a vigorous, rolling boil. Other heating elements stick right out into the middle of the kettle or use a full circle design that rings the kettle wall. This can cause an obstruction for immersion chillers or make it difficult to stir without banging into the element. The SlingBlade was designed to avoid these issues. By remaining on one side of the kettle, the element will be out of the way of your immersion chiller, and since the element follows the curvature of the kettle wall, it won't interfere with the flow of wort during whirlpool. And thanks to its ultra-low watt density, the SlingBlade won’t scorch your wort and cause caramelization issues.

The Ultimate Sparge Arm
No other system protects against hot side aeration quite like the BrewSculpture. While other systems simply pump wort back to the top of the mash tun and let it splash back down over the grain bed, the Ultimate Sparge Arm will make sure your wort circulates with virtually zero aeration. The Ultimate Sparge Arm features adjustable height and adjustable flow. Depending on what beer you’re brewing, the surface of the mash will be at different heights. Simply lower the sparge arm to just below the surface of the mash and your recirculation will be splash-free. The ball valve at the inlet of the sparge arm allows you to dial in the flow and reduce turbulence as you see fit.

Custom Welded Frame Made in the USA
Every BrewBuilt BrewSculpture is made to order and built around a custom TIG welded 304 stainless steel stand. While other companies cut corners by using generic stainless steel tables for their systems, our extra beefy stand is fabricated in our California-based metal shop and designed to outlive even you. Every stand comes with rolling casters and folding handlebar so you can easily move your system with ease whenever needed.

What Sets the Digital Electric BrewSculpture Apart?

  • Only system with a heavy-duty, purpose-built, welded stainless frame as standard.
  • Only system with digital touch screen as standard.
  • Only system with delayed start - heat your water in advance!
  • Only system with programmable mash steps on touch screen. 
  • Only system using top-of-the-line convoluted coil (HERMS) for the quickest temp increases while still being gentle.
  • Only system with an oversized Hot Liquor Tank to speed up brew day.
  • Only system with built-in safety floats that protect your elements from running dry.
  • Welded fittings for a lifetime of easy-to-clean, leak-free performance.
  • Ultimate Sparge Arm reduces hot side aeration.
  • Unique SlingBlade™ heating element designed to create asymmetrical rolling boil and remains out of the way for stirring.
  • The heating element inserts through a T.C. opening, allowing for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Keep sparge water warm while preheating the boil.

Key Features:

  • Made in USA by BrewBuilt
  • 304 Stainless Steel TIG welded stands. The ultimate frame material that will outlast you. No paint or powder coating.
  • Every BrewSculpture includes folding handles and built-in rear casters that allow you to move your BrewSculpture with ease.
  • Oversized 304 stainless BrewBuilt Kettles with welded fittings, notched lids, internally etched volume markers, aluminum clad bottoms, and silicone handles. Built to last.
  • "Large" model for 10-gallon batches will come with 22-gallon Mash Tun and Boil Kettle, and 31-gallon HLT.
  • "XL" model for 20-gallon batches will come with 31-gallon Mash Tun and Boil Kettle, and 50-gallon HLT.
  • "XXL" model for 1 bbl batches will come with 50-gallon Mash Tun, Boil Kettle, and HLT 
  • The fluid path is easy to use and clean. We've included the time tested, top of the line March pumps along with heat resistant food-grade silicone tubing and our own specially designed stainless quick disconnects.
  • Heating elements are fast, efficient, and offer precise control.
  • Mash tun includes the Ultimate Sparge Arm with innovative design to eliminate hot-side aeration. The center draw outlet with quick disconnect is locked in during mashing but easily disconnects for cleaning. The mash screen has a very low volume of base water under the screen to aid with efficiency and mash consistency. The perforated stainless mash screen is reinforced for use with pump recirculation and includes a silicone gasket to make a perfect seal with the kettle wall. Internally etched volume markers make mash water additions super easy.
  • Boil Kettle includes innovative Whirlpool maker for leaving hops and trub behind. Volume markers are etched on the inside so you know exactly how much wort you have at all times. The lid notch is super handy for hanging hop bags, using an immersion chiller, etc., but when not is use an included silicone plug seals the notch. The bottom of the boil kettle is tri-clad with a 4mm aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of 304 stainless. The aluminum core eliminates scorching and the cleaning that comes with a scorched kettle.
  • Includes all of the tubing you'll need with:
    • 4 x 40 in. Hoses with male and female quick disconnects
    • 32 in. Hose with 2 female quick disconnects
    • 32 in. Hose with 1 female quick disconnect and 1 open end

Power Requirements

  • Large and XL models require a GFCI 30 amp / 220V circuit to power the elements and a single 115V circuit for the pumps and Control Panel
  • XXL model requires two GFCI 30 amp / 220V circuits and a single 115V circuit for the pumps and Control Panel
  • For the 220V power, the unit features an approximately 4 ft. three prong twist lock plug - L6-30P. (Two on the XXL model)

Heating Element Wattage:


Size HLT Boil Kettle
10 gal 5750W 5000W
20 gal 5750W 5750W
1 bbl 2x 5750W 2x 5750W

Stainless Frame Dimensions:


  L & XL Frame XXL Frame
Length 73 in. 80 in.
Width 19.5 in. 19.5 in.
Height 29 in. 25 in.


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