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Appalachian Tart | White Labs WLP631 Yeast | Vault Strain

Appalachian Tart | White Labs WLP631 Yeast | Vault Strain

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Experience the unique brewing capabilities of White Labs Appalachian Tart yeast, WLP631, perfect for creating distinctly sour and tart beers with ease. This innovative yeast blend combines Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus, providing a harmonious balance of clean yeast fermentation and refreshing lactic acidity. Ideal for brewing styles like Berliner Weisse and Gose, WLP631 allows you to explore sour brewing without the complexity of managing separate bacterial fermentations. This yeast strain not only simplifies the brewing process but also enhances the flavor profile, ensuring a consistently sharp, tangy finish that complements the beer's base flavors. Whether you're a novice experimenting with your first sour or a seasoned brewer looking to streamline your process, White Labs Appalachian Tart yeast offers reliability, quality, and exceptional souring capabilities.

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