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Admiral Maltings

Admiral's Hearth - Organic Dark Munich Malt

Admiral's Hearth - Organic Dark Munich Malt

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Introducing Admiral's Hearth, an exquisite Dark Munich-style malt from Admiral Maltings. Crafted with organic barley grown by California family farms, this malt is a celebration of traditional malting artistry combined with modern sustainability. Admiral's Hearth offers a warm, amber color and rich, malty sweetness, delivering nuanced flavors of bread crust, toffee, and cake.

Perfect for brewers aiming to enrich their beers with depth and character, this malt provides excellent enzymatic activity, allowing for a broad range of brewing applications. Whether you're crafting robust ales, rich lagers, or experimenting with unique hybrid styles, Admiral's Hearth enhances each sip with its complex malty notes and hearty aroma.

By choosing Admiral's Hearth, you not only elevate the flavor profile of your brews but also support sustainable and organic agricultural practices. This malt is an ideal choice for the eco-conscious brewer who values both quality and environmental responsibility. With Admiral's Hearth, experience the harmony of rich flavors and the satisfaction of supporting responsible farming practices.

Explore the possibilities with Admiral’s Hearth and bring a touch of artisanal excellence to your brewing creations.

Grain Specifications

Grain: Barley

Intended Use: Kilned & Toasted Malts

Flavor/Aroma: Cinnamon, bread crust, graham cracker, toast, pretzel

Maximum Volume: 80%

Lovibond: 12 - 25

Country of Origin: United States

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