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Corks for Wine Bottles | 45mm x 24mm Acquamark | 30 Count

Corks for Wine Bottles | 45mm x 24mm Acquamark | 30 Count

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Preserve the taste and integrity of your wines with our premium Acquamark Corks, expertly designed for optimal sealing of wine bottles. These corks are crafted from high-quality natural cork material, combining traditional cork benefits with modern, advanced sealing technology.

Measuring 45mm in length and 24mm in diameter, each cork is engineered to fit a wide range of wine bottle necks, ensuring a tight seal that maintains the wine's quality by preventing oxidation and contamination. The Acquamark corks are recognized for their excellent sealing properties, durability, and easy insertion and removal without crumbling.

This package contains 30 corks, perfect for vintners who produce boutique wines or limited batches and require reliable closure solutions. Whether bottling reds, whites, or rosés, these corks offer superior performance and maintain the wine's bouquet, flavor, and freshness over time.

Use our Acquamark Corks for your next winemaking project and trust that each bottle of wine will age gracefully, protected by a seal that stands the test of time.

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