Collection: Intermediate Beer Recipe Kits by TrueBrew™

Discover the art of homebrewing with pride as SoCal Brewing Supply introduces the TrueBrew™ brand of Beer Recipe Kits. Crafted for excellence, these kits empower you to create approximately 5 gallons of premium craft beer right in the comfort of your home. Each kit is a complete brewing and bottling solution, including a base of Liquid Malt Extract (LME) and, in some cases, Dry Malt Extract (DME). With meticulously curated ingredients like hops, dry yeast, steeping grains, and supplementary items, TrueBrew kits ensure a seamless and rewarding brewing experience. Elevate your homebrewing journey with the quality and convenience of TrueBrew, available at SoCal Brewing Supply. Cheers to crafting your own exceptional beer!

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